About Zander

Hi, I’m Zander! I’m a nerdy webcam model (zanderstormx on Chaturbate), and I am shy… but friendly!

I love my job. I have a ton of sex toys and I use all kinds of dildos & vibrators in my shows and videos.

I was a Top Five finalist for the 2017 ManyVids Award “Innovator of the Year“, and a Top Ten finalist for the 2016 ManyVids Award “Rising Star of the Year“!

Also, my #1 best-selling video Huge Sticky Bad Dragon Creampie was nominated for the 2017 ManyVids Award “Vid of the Year“.

I’ve been featured on Vice in a Motherboard article by Lux Alptraum – how cool is that? I was also mentioned on Playboy.com in conjuction with the Vice article!

I love board games, video games, food, cats, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, writing, cooking, coffee, wandering places.

I am pansexual & in an polyamorous relationship with three cuties – I have a girlfriend and two boyfriends.

I am half-Japanese, 31 years old, and I’m tiny and short… I am only 5 feet tall!

Nerds of all kinds are welcome in my cam room. I love chatting with people. Talk nerdy to me!