Information on custom videos, custom photos, and other custom requests.


Custom Videos

Custom videos are priced individually per project. Pitch your custom request to me via email, and I’ll then give you a quote for how much it will cost!

NOTE: DO NOT SEND MONEY before emailing me your custom idea, and confirming both that I will create your video, as well as receiving a price quote I will determine based on your request. The chart below is for reference purposes ONLY.

Prices will vary depending on how you pay. See here for more information on payment options. (Please note I do not accept Paypal, Square, Amazon, or gift cards for payment.)

The following are rough estimates to give you an idea of what you might be spending. Your project’s quote may differ from these depending on what you are asking for.

Here’s some estimated price ranges for a 10-minute basic sexy video.

Dildo fucking, pussy rubbing, general dirty talking, strip tease, etc.


GiftRocket ManyVids
$35 – 50 $55 – 80

Special or fetish requests are generally priced higher, and may vary considerably depending on the request. Here’s some estimated price ranges for a 10-minute special or fetish video.

Bad Dragon dildos, gigantic dildos, dragon creampies, specific roleplay scenarios, BDSM themes, small penis humiliation, pee or wetting, special outfits, dirty talking outside generic stuff, other kink or fetish themes, non-solo videos (VERY rare I’ll do non-solo requests, but possible), etc.


GiftRocket ManyVids
$50 – 200 $80 – 350

My videos are about 10 minutes long by default. Want a video longer than that?

Here’s the estimated additional cost for a 20-minute video.


GiftRocket ManyVids
+ $15 + $30

Want me to say your name in the video?

Here’s the estimated additional cost per video for a custom name.


GiftRocket ManyVids
+ $45 + $75

I retain full copyright and resale rights on all custom videos I make by default. On average, I generally wait about a month after delivering custom videos before I put them up for public sale.

Don’t want me to resell your video anywhere?

Here’s the estimated additional cost for exclusivity, where you are the only customer who gets to watch and enjoy the custom video.

Please note I still own full copyrights to all my videos, even if you pay for exclusivity. Sharing, distributing, or selling my content anywhere is illegal and strictly prohibited.


GiftRocket ManyVids
+ $420 + $700

Below is the list of my limits when it comes to custom videos. These are things I either dislike, can’t do, am not comfortable with, or just won’t do for other reasons – banned on most clip sites, for example.

For the ones that specify “some” – such as “Some Femdom” – I evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please pitch me your idea first so I can determine whether I feel comfortable doing it.

I am open to hearing your unique custom requests if they aren’t listed below – I do not judge people on their fetishes or kinks. I have plenty of my own!

I can’t promise I’ll be interested in doing your request. But please do not feel afraid to ask. Your secret is safe with me and I would never think less of you for what you’re into.


Things I Won’t Do in Customs
Anal Butt Plugs Squirting Blood Play Fisting
Poop Deep-Throating Racial Slurs Licking Feet Drinking Pee
Shaving My Bush Most Ageplay Some Femdom Some Roleplay Rape Fantasy


Please note I own full copyrights to all my videos and photos. I also maintain resale rights, unless you purchase exclusivity.

Sharing, distributing, or selling my content anywhere is illegal and strictly prohibited.