Bad Dragon Kippy

Watch me fuck my Bad Dragon dildo called Kippy the Caline! Kippy is modeled after a furry fantasy creature that has both feline and canine traits, and his cock has pleasurable bumps and veiny texture… and his knot is HUGE! My hairy pussy gets pounded hard, and with great effort I manage to shove his gigantic knot inside me, popping it in and out. I grab a vibe and fuck myself until I cum loudly on Kippy’s nice dick. Yiff yiff!


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18:12 min


1080p widescreen

3 reviews for Bad Dragon Kippy

  1. Grey_Geist via ManyVids

    I’ve seen several videos featuring this model of Bad Dragon and this is the best, bar none. Zander expertly frames herself to give you the best possible view as the pleasures herself with Kippy. I’ll be honest, I had doubts regarding her taking the full knot but she does multiple times eliciting powerful moans. At an over 18 min runtime where the action never completely stops I highly recommend this to fans of large insertions, sensual moaning (Zander has the best moans!) and fans of dildoing videos in general.

  2. Random0Hat via ManyVids

    A Bad Dragon toy (nearly the same color as her hair which made me grin), a lovely lass, and a natural bush…it was a trifecta that made me think I was dreaming.

    I am not quite sure how I managed to keep my hands off myself while watching for the first time though I still nearly came while just watching when she started working the knot inside of herself 😉

    Zanderstorm is one incredible, adorable, radiant, and stunning lass. Thank you kindly for making this video.

  3. kotaKat via ManyVids

    Knots, perfect bushes, and an awesome time… hope to see more of this soon! :3

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