Bad Dragon Meng

I love my adorable little custom-color Bad Dragon dildo: Meng the Micro Chinese Dragon! This cute dragon dives headfirst into my pussy, with his teeny arms all tucked in. His subtle dragon scale texture and graduating girth feel so nice inside me. I fuck my pussy with him, and ride him in different positions… the whole time my cunt making deliciously obscene wet sounds as he thrusts into me.


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9:27 min


1080p widescreen

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Chaturbate – Bad Dragon toys are not allowed

4 reviews for Bad Dragon Meng

  1. aussieardour via ManyVids

    Absolutely wonderful, love it when she rides, the angle and sounds are amazing. Great work!

  2. NerdyByNature via ManyVids

    I wasn’t going to buy this one, but failed my wisdom save and bought it anyway. But how could I hope to resist such pretty colors.
    Seriously though it’s a great video.

  3. zalioe via ManyVids

    I wanted this video because the dildo looked interesting and it’d look like she’d have a really good time. Glad this video didn’t disappoint.

  4. Dunce_Returns via ManyVids

    Love this chick and the sound of her wet pussy, awesome video

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