Been Faking It Every Time SPH Bad Dragon

You come home early one day and walk in on me fucking myself with a big dildo… so I finally confess how your pathetic little cock has never been enough for me – I’ve been faking it every time! I humiliate your tiny dick, show you my huge toy collection I’ve been hiding under the bed this whole time, and finally fuck myself with my most prized possession: my GIGANTIC Bad Dragon Clayton dildo. Watch me absolutely destroy my pussy with this massive toy, all while telling you how your cock will never satisfy me, and how my pussy is so loose now that I wouldn’t even be able to feel you inside me. From now on your job is to wait for me to come home after I go fuck real men with beautiful huge cocks, and to clean up my messy well-fucked pussy after they’ve finished.


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11:06 min


1080p widescreen

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Chaturbate – Bad Dragon toys are not allowed, Chaturbate – GIGANTIC toy insertions are not allowed

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  1. FrenchLickIndiana via ManyVids

    Zander is very versatiLe in doing both nice & domme vids. Here, she let’s the viewer’s feelings of small-dick Sub inadequacy take as thorough a beating as her delightful dark cunt does from her dildo arsenal.

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