Dirty Panties portland plaid cheekster

Cute lace-lined turquoise and red plaid panties (very Pacific Northwest hipster look, hehe!), with a cute cheeky cut that shows off my ass!

I’ll wear them for a couple days, and then mail them to you! Ships very discreetly in a manila envelope. My dirty panties are always sealed carefully in double ziplock bags before shipping to preserve their scent.

Style: Cute lace-lined turquoise and red plaid panties

Fabric: Soft absorbent 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Inner crotch fabric color: White
Brand: American Eagle Aerie
Size: Small

Add-On Options

Autographed picture wearing this item ($5): Receive a signed 2×3” photo print (as well as a digital copy) of me wearing this pair of panties for you.

Make the panty dirty with pussy juice ($10): I will use a vibrator to cum in the panties multiple times and fill them with my pussy cream (will be shipped dry).

Pee in the panties ($10): zanderstorm.com/peepanty

Wear them for more days ($5/day): zanderstorm.com/pantydays

Workout and get sweaty in them ($10): zanderstorm.com/pantyworkout

Have a special request? Contact me!

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Additional information


Soft absorbent 95% cotton, 5% elastane


American Eagle Aerie



Inner crotch fabric color