Don’t Tell My Boyfriend

Roleplay video with custom name (I call you Aubrey in this clip). We had a fun night out on the town, and now we’re back at my place. I’m feeling incredibly horny and you look so hot, but I have a boyfriend… so we can’t do anything! Well… maybe we can just strip for each other. What if… what if I just rub my pussy for a bit while you watch? Your cock looks so amazing… Promise me you won’t tell anyone we’re doing this, don’t tell my boyfriend! Maybe you can just slide into me, just a little, so I can know what your cock feels like… Oh FUCK yes, Aubrey… Fuck my little pussy! Make me cum on your cock, over and over! Oh my god, I can tell you’re going to cum – please don’t cum inside me… promise me you’ll pull out…


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23:27 min


1080p widescreen

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  1. Dunce_Returns via ManyVids

    Man, I really love her dirty talk

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