Ice Cube Tease

I sensually run ice cubes all over my body, teasing my nipples and pretty dark pussy, squealing and giggling at the pleasurably cold sensations on my skin. Rivulets of water flow down my cute tits and petite curves, accentuated in the soft erotic ambiance of my bedroom. I moan and shiver as I rub the frozen cubes over my clit. As I gently fuck myself with the ice, it melts against my pussy lips, cold water mixed with my warm wetness flooding from the folds of my labia.

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15:30 min


1080p widescreen

4 reviews for Ice Cube Tease

  1. jarya5 via ManyVids

    Zander is incredible in this. Watching her drag the ice across her body, you can hear and see her moan in pain and pleasure. She’s so great as she grabs a handful of her bush and fucks her hot pussy with the ice cube. The noises she makes as she drags it across her clit are so intense. At the very end she takes a bit of an ice bath and pours the remaining cubes over her body.
    I figure this would be the kind of video where afterwards you would want to film a separate massive insertion video just because she’d be so numb to it lol

  2. NerdyByNature via ManyVids

    She never disappoints. She’s gorgeous, has fun, and that is sexy as hell.

  3. zalioe via ManyVids

    She was really cute in this video and seeing her gasp all the while making her pussy wet and juicy is just amazing.

  4. Dunce_Returns via ManyVids

    Very sexy!

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