Let me be your Rising Star!

I was a Top Ten finalist for the 2016 ManyVids Awards in the category “Rising Star of the Year”! This was the silly, sexy FREE clip I made promoting myself in the contest where I tell you all the reasons you should vote for me in the Awards… from “I’m wearing butt-less panties” to “I collect old-school Gameboys“. I LOVE my camming/clipmaking career!

If you’re a fan of my work, like that I’m a cute nerdy camgirl, or just want to get rad prizes for paid votes, support me by buying my videos and panties, tipping me in shows, and voting for me in MV contests!


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3:53 min


1080p widescreen

13 reviews for Let me be your Rising Star!

  1. iamdoge via ManyVids

    wow much excite so zander

  2. Masterlink84 via ManyVids

    Awesomely silly video from the cutest cam girls i’ve ever seen. plus gotta love the triforce necklace. definitely got my vote!

  3. zalioe via ManyVids

    Damn it, it was too effective, I have to go vote again.

  4. Cattie via ManyVids

    You are so cute! Definite girl crush(:

  5. TTIOttio via ManyVids

    Cute, nerdy and funny! What more could you ask for?
    That critical strike though :3

  6. AndrewCW via ManyVids

    So hot. Lol. And awesome to see all Nintendo stuff on here. No better way to turn someone one then to show one’s nerdy side 😉

  7. kotaKat via ManyVids

    A rising star and then some! <3

  8. Plaidzombi via ManyVids

    This was a very entertaining video and just loved her being herself. Cute and fun. Worth the watch

  9. danpetman via ManyVids

    This video is fantastically cute, funny, sexy and awesome, just like its star. A perfect introduction for anyone who isn’t already aware of just how rad Zander is.

  10. peecee2 via ManyVids

    Fun intro and check out her other vids!

  11. Dchrist via ManyVids

    Cute and sexy video. Will definitely be a Star.

  12. Jeramie via ManyVids

    Great video 🙂

  13. arikajira via ManyVids

    Great video! well done 5*

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