Nerdy Girl Ice Cube Play

It’s volcano-weather and I’m dying in the summer heat! What better way to cool down than to strip and rub ice cubes all over my skin? And because I’m me, I have nerdy ice cube trays – that make tiny ice Darth Vader helmets and ice video game controllers. I crack stupid jokes, but mostly I moan and squeal as the ice melts and drips down my body! Lots of closeups of my pretty brown tits, giant fluffy bush, dark long labia, and cute round ass 🙂


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18:41 min


1080p widescreen

2 reviews for Nerdy Girl Ice Cube Play

  1. WAMWRIGHT via Extra Lunch Money

    This is what pervy nerds like me live for. I love all the squealing and friendly banter. The jokes and nerd talk are great! My favorite part was where Darth Vader adventured down to the wookie-like region between Zander’s legs.

  2. danpetman via ManyVids

    Watching this video, I chuckled, moaned, sniggered and came, though not all at the same time. It’s another perfect example of why Zander is such a wonderful porn star, since it manages to be simultaneously funny, dorky, sexy, silly, sensual and visually gorgeous. If you’ve ever wanted to see Darth Vader defeated by a pair of warm breasts, this video is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone rub their pussy with a rapidly melting Sega Genesis controller, this video is for you. If you’ve ever just wanted to see a gorgeous, playful, powerfully sexy person have fun with ice cubes and get pretty soaked in the process, this video is DEFINITELY for you.

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