Sitting On Your Face

I sit right on your face, and slowly grind on you, telling you to lap at my wet little pussy. Super close-up zoom views of my hairy pussy, huge labia, and swollen pink clit. After I come twice while fucking your face, I turn around in 69, and you can keep licking me to orgasm as I suck your cock until you fill my mouth with cum.


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8:56 min


1080p widescreen

9 reviews for Sitting On Your Face

  1. CURIOUSGUY93 via Extra Lunch Money

    There are very few better views in life than those presented in this wonderful video.

  2. jarya5 via ManyVids

    Fantastic video! zander, with what can only be described as the hairiest pussy since the ’70s, is straddles the camera to provide a POV of her sitting on your face! Absolutely amazing vid with incredible dirty talk throughout!

  3. danpetman via ManyVids

    I could watch this video all day. I could print out screenshots of it and frame them on my walls. Zander’s pussy is gorgeous, and in HD close-up, it’s even better. When you add to this the dirty talk and wonderful vocalizations, this video is sure to get you off over and over.

  4. OmegaRuby via ManyVids

    Thanks to this video it is safe to say I am a BIG fan of your lovely bush & pussy! Kudos!

  5. johnnieboi23 via ManyVids

    I felt like she was really sitting on my face I was rock hard in no time

  6. NerdyByNature via ManyVids

    Try as I may I can’t think of anything semi witty to say about this video. So I will just come out with it and say there is absolutely nothing about this video I don’t love. Give it a watch, I know I’ll give it another.

  7. Dunce_Returns via ManyVids

    Love this video, very awesome POV video, who wouldn’t love to service that pussy, love that “Thank you, Baby” at the end, very hot!

  8. peecee2 via ManyVids

    Very realistic POV, particularly cropped a little more. Incredible dirty talk!

  9. jb3000 via ManyVids

    So fun and sexy. Love the extreme close up.

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