Soaking Wet Panty Play

I’ve been masturbating all day and I’m still horny as fuck. I show you my completely drenched wet panties, then push them to the side so I can fuck myself with my fingers and a vibrator. My pussy continues to leak creamy cum and wetness, until I orgasm hard again, and then lick the crotch of my cum-soaked panties.


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24:23 min


1080p widescreen

6 reviews for Soaking Wet Panty Play

  1. danpetman via ManyVids

    As someone with a pretty serious panty fetish, this video was one that I didn’t feel I could pass up, and I was absolutely not disappointed by it upon viewing. Zander is incredibly passionate and clearly enjoying every second of the vid, with much moaning, dirty talking, grinding of hips and, of course, copious pussy juice soaking into lacy white panties. This video would be great for any panty fetishist just for the masturbation parts, but the final shot of Zander practically making out with the soaked crotch of her panties is simply beyond sexy. If you somehow manage to make it that far into the video without cumming, you definitely will not make it much further before exploding.

  2. johnnieboi23 via ManyVids

    Amazingly sexy video!

  3. edz2010 via ManyVids

    I enjoyed this from beginning to end. I have only bought a few videos on here but this is a must have. You can tell that zanderstormx enjoy making this video.

  4. wcyanmvwc via ManyVids

    Absolutely amazing!! The way she touches and makes herself so wet and creamy is so sexy. Her eyes and sexy talking and moaning is such a huge turn on. I love the wet sound she makes as she gets wetter and wetter. To see her satisfy herself is absolutely worth it!!! The way she uses her dildo and how she shows her lovely pussy lips is worth it. Her hairy bush is also a huge delight!! She is so sexy and the quality of the filming is so great!!!

  5. gamefreakmp via ManyVids

    This absolutely makes me want want to taste you myself! Can only imagine how amazing that would be!

  6. pizdecec via ManyVids

    Full bush and creamy wet. What more is there to say?

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