Vial of My Bush Hair

A small 1 dram (3.7 ml) glass vial, filled with my thick dark Japanese pussy hair. My bush has lots of fans and is worshipped by many! Now you can own a lock of it to add to your Zander shrine (you have a Zander shrine, right?) for your daily prayers. Or try to clone me or something. Just don’t use it to put any weird evil curses on me 😉

Bottled at the source! 😀 Don’t worry, my bush hair will be sustainably harvested for the vials – there won’t be any noticeable deforestation from fulfilling orders. Which is why these vials are only available periodically in limited quantities!

Shipping will be very discreet in a small padded manila envelope, and vial will be sealed in a ziplock bag for extra padding.

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