Vial of My Creamy Cum

A small 1 dram (3.7 ml) glass vial, half-filled with my pussy cream. These vials are made to order – The process takes about an hour or so, where I masturbate with my favorite dildos, make myself cum at least once or twice, and use tiny spoons to collect my pussy cream and juices to fill the little potion jar. Opaqueness, color, and consistency may vary based on where I am in my ovulation cycle.

Please note I cannot guarantee it will smell like my pussy. When I wear panties to sell, they smell nice because the fabric absorbs the scent of my pussy, body, cum, and sweat over time, but when isolated like this, I haven’t noticed any particular scent to my cream.

Bottled at the source! 😀 Shipping will be very discreet in a small padded manila envelope, and vial will be carefully sealed in double ziplock bags to reduce the risk of leaking. Sorry, no international shipping for these.

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