Your Tiny Nerdy Goddess of Innovation

I was a Top Five finalist for the 2017 ManyVids Awards in the category “Innovator of the Year”! This was the FREE clip I made promoting myself in the contest, where I sat naked on the couch and told you why I thought I deserved to win the crown for this category! See some really sexy clips from several of my current videos while I giggle and talk about how I bring creativity, innovation, and let my nerdy self shine in my cam work.

As with all MV contests, you can give one free vote every day – and for giving me paid votes, you’ll get SPOILED with all kinds of goodies. Since I finished within the Top Five when voting ended, everyone who gave me paid votes for the 2017 MV Awards received for free my (unreleased at the time) Bad Dragon Sleipnir video – see some preview clips in this vid!

If you’re a fan of my work, like that I’m a cute nerdy camgirl, or just want to get rad prizes for paid votes, support me by buying my videos and panties, tipping me in shows, and voting for me in MV contests!


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5:48 min


1080p widescreen

5 reviews for Your Tiny Nerdy Goddess of Innovation

  1. AndrewCW via ManyVids

    Love this vid <3

  2. peecee2 via ManyVids

    Lovely intro vid. 🙂

  3. Shavanzar via ManyVids

    Interesting and informative.

  4. lotsofrant via ManyVids

    Paradigm shifting!

  5. lonetech via ManyVids

    This nerdy goddess will make ur head spin among other things spin.

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