Shop FAQ


I highly recommend ManyVids if you are looking to buy my videos! The site has so many great features that benefit both models and customers, and they are my favorite clip site by far.

They do take a cut of my profits (the cut is comparable to similar clip sites). Despite the profit cut, the payoff for me is that the more sales I make via MV, the higher my “MV Score”, which means the higher I rank on the site. And the higher my rank, the more visible I am for new customers to find my content to buy.

So when you buy my content via ManyVids, you’re helping me out quite a bit, because you’re also helping other customers find me – so I can keep making more sales!


If you want to avoid clip sites, then GiftRocket is a great option. GiftRocket is a way to send a “gift card” via email that is just straight up cash (rather than tied to a specific store), so I get 100% of the money you send to me. I’ve used this service countless times as both the receiver and the sender of funds, so it’s definitely a trustworthy and reliable website.

This is a popular option for payment of customs and panties, since I can charge less for those (compared to clip sites, which take profit cuts).

GiftRocket is only available for US customers, however, and does require a bit of extra wait time – it takes about 3-4 days for GiftRocket funds to transfer to my bank, and I will need to confirm the transaction has completed before I start on any orders via this payment method. The site will also charge you a transaction fee.

Custom Videos & PhotosPlease allow 3-4 weeks for me to complete your custom content. I have a very high standard of quality for all the content that I produce, and this timeframe allows me to ensure I can create quality content for you, as I won’t be rushed to get your custom done quickly. I try to finish customs earlier if possible, but 3-4 weeks is my standard turnaround. If you want to receive your custom sooner, then contact me for a rush order price quote!

Panties: Depending on several factors (how I’m feeling health-wise, where I am in my menstrual cycle, how many other panty orders I have at the time) I generally ship out panty orders within 3-10 days of receiving them.

Vials: Vials of cum, pee, etc, are made-to-order, and are subject to the same varying factors as mentioned above for panties. I generally ship out vial orders within 3-10 days of receiving them.

Ready-Made Items: Orders of goodies that are ready to be mailed, such as my Zelda pinback buttons, will be shipped out within 3-5 days.

For shipping within the US, I ship items out via USPS First Class parcel mail. Packages usually are delivered in about 3-5 days, but may take a week. You will get a tracking number once I ship the package to you.

For international shipping, delivery times can really vary depending on your location. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping. Depending on your country, I may or may not have a tracking number for the package.

If you want rush shipping, please send me an email for a price quote! I can ship Priority, etc, but you will need to pay more for the faster shipping.

Most likely! If your shipping address is within the US, then I will send you a  USPS tracking number once I mail the package to you.

If your shipping address is outside the US (international shipping) then I can’t promise a tracking number. Some countries might give me one (I’ve gotten tracking for UK shipments before) but many countries do not (I couldn’t get tracking for Australia, for example).

Of course!! If you lost videos, photos, or custom digital content of mine that you had bought before, I’d be happy to give you new download links so you can rebuild your Zandy porn collection 🙂

I will need to verify your purchases before I send you download links. Send me an email with the following info:

  • Site where you bought the videos, photos, etc
  • Username on the above site
  • Names of videos you need download links for